Dell Announces Availability of Multi-Touch Drivers for Latitude XT

The wait is over for all of you Latitude XT Tablet PC owners. Dell finally announced today the availability of a multi-touch driver and firmware package for current XT owners on their Direct2Dell blog. The capacitive touch that made Dell’s first Tablet PC stand out against all the competition can be used to its full potential now.

Since its launch in December 2007, the Latitude XT has had the necessary hardware capable of supporting a multi-touch experience, but starting tomorrow, July 15, Dell will offer a free download module from for all current XT owners that enables the multi-touch. This has to be exciting news for users because that was a major draw back to the XT. Not that the technology wasn’t there, but you couldn’t use it, until now that is.

Dell was one of the first to introduce capacitive touch and is now bringing multi-touch to the XT that works with applications like Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Earth, etc. Latitude XT customers don’t have to wait for Windows 7 anymore. With multi-touch, the XT will offer new capabilities like:

  • Scroll – by placing two fingers on the screen and moving them horizontally or vertically customers can easily navigate in Web browsers and productivity applications.
  • Zoom – by touching the screen with two fingers and moving them together customers can zoom various content in and out, such as pictures or Web pages. 
  • Programmable double-tap – customers can program a command, such as launching a Web browser or turning the screen off to save power, that will respond to two taps with two fingers.

The following link (, has demonstrations of how multi-touch works, and gives us a chance to really see the XT in action

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