Top 10 Benefits of Tablet PC for Students

College life can be overwhelming, so simplify it from the start. Manage your time, your homework, your extracurricular activities, all with the touch of a pen. Take class and meeting notes Microsoft OneNote, organize your music in Windows Media Player, and keep your schedule and contacts up to date with GoBinder Lite.¹

1 Get organized : With a Tablet PC, you can quickly jot down assignments and activities, or set reminders to call Mom using a pen-based planner¹ made especially for students. Use OneNote to take notes electronically, and then reorganize, highlight, and search them later. Send Web research, PowerPoint presentations, and other documents right into OneNote,¹ so you can keep all your notes and research together in one place.

2 Save trees: Leave the paper behind and scribble notes right on the screen. Because your notes are electronic, you can have all of them with you wherever you go. Avoid wasting time at the copy center. Share info with classmates, even those who don’t have Tablet PCs, with a click of the pen.

3 Leave the workout at the gym: Free yourself of excess baggage. Download textbooks, the professor’s lecture, photos, your CDs and DVDs right to your Tablet PC. Use your pen to highlight and mark them up, just like you would on paper (except that it’s easier to erase). You can even circle interesting tidbits, "snip"² them out, and send them via e-mail to your study group.

4 Play well with others Miss a class? By keeping everything on your Tablet PC, you and your study peers can easily share notes and even flash cards.¹ Just send files via e-mail or post them on a network share. If you prefer, convert your handwritten notes to typed text before sharing them.

5Express yourself  Handwrite personalized e-mail and IM on customized stationary or backgrounds. Friends, family, and professors will see your handwritten messages even if they don’t have a Tablet PC. Even create a font³ that uses your handwriting in dialog boxes, buttons, icons, and menus.

6 Relive the lecture  You can record the lecture and take it with you. OneNote will automatically synchronize the recording with your notes. If you’re really ambitious, use a Webcam to record video as well as sound.

7 Wax scientific If you find typing equations¹ too tedious, use your pen to draw them — you can insert handwriting or drawings into any document or presentation. Download cool tools like the handwriting-enabled calculator³ and the Physics Illustrator³ motion simulator, or go for more gusto with pen-enabled engineering programs.

8 Wax creative  Download programs created just for the Tablet PC: Ink Desktop,² Ink Art,² Power Paint,³ Drawing Animator Toy>,³ and Music Composition Tool.³ Easily organize and edit your digital photos, or build a PhotoStory, at the stroke of a pen.

9 Own a convertible  Take the top off and switch to Tablet mode. Fold the screen on top of the keyboard and your Tablet PC becomes the ultimate convenience machine. Take notes naturally on those tiny desks in lecture hall. Avoid the screen barrier between you and your study group. Easily present what’s on your screen to others. And quickly jot down a reminder as you walk to your next class.

10 Work hard, play hard  When you’re ready to take a break from studying, let the Tablet PC entertain you. Keep your entire music collection right there with you. Rip new CDs or download songs that will synchronize to your music player automatically. Play DVDs or downloaded movies in Windows Media Video, MPEG, AVI, and other formats. Bring a new intensity to gaming using your tablet pen.¹

1 Included in the Education Pack for Tablet PC

2 Included in the Experience Pack for Tablet PC

3 A PowerToy available for Tablet PC

Source: Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005: Top 10 Benefits of Tablet PC for Students

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